Some WPF/Silverlight Web links

A few websites that I found particularly helpful explaining information:

Silverlight Charts
Two little tips for working with Silverlight chart DateTime Axes
Charting - Logarithmic Axes
Adding Striplines to the Chart 1 - WPF
Origin Axis Support  
Silverlight Toolkit Overview (CodePlex)
Line Chart - how to curve the plotted line
Creating Custom Style for LineDataPoint

General Chart Information  
DataTemplate Creation
Adding Location Crosshairs on the Chart

Showing and Hiding Chart Series
Zooming in on a chart (First Find)  
Silverlight (3) Source Information
Silverlight DataVisualization.Toolkit Source

Basic Layout Containers /Panels 

Chart Axis properties (overview)

MSDN Chart Classes and definitions (somewhat helpful)
Axes (Chart Controls )
Chart Elements (Chart Controls)
Chart Coordinates (Chart Controls)  

Chart Annotations

EdgePanel class code
AxisBase class code 

Reading and Displaying Lists, Arrays
Queryable.LastOrDefault (msdn)
Queryable Methods (msdn)

C# programming / syntax links
C# Lambda Expressions

Misc. Interesting Links
Change x,y origin of a canvas

Overview of MVVM from msdn (I'm still reading over this - my brain just blue screened) 

Silverlight View Model Communication (An excellent step by step on how to start making associations)

Silverlight and Prism pt 1 (now, to just get to the sequel)  

Binding To Data - Hierarchical Data

Align Multiple Chart Areas

WPF and VisualStateManager (Toggle Buttons)

PivotViewer Control Information

DateTime Formatting (I always forget these)  
And how to make Custom DateTime Formats
TimeSpan Formatting  

TreeView SelectedItem


More information on StringFormat and dates
Microsoft Graphics/Shapes
C# Lambda Expressions

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